This week we go back to the year "Horror Came Home" with HHN Sweet 16. Highlights include maze audio from all mazes featuring the icons: Jack, Caretaker, Director and Storyteller along with scare zones from the event!

More Episodes

Campfire Chronicles 5.14 Monster Squad

July 1, 2020

This week the gang looks at cult classic movie Monster Squad and Discusses if this one should be included in our virtual scare park. 

HHN Jukebox #4 HHN 15

June 19, 2020

This week's show features HHN 15 as both The Storyteller and the land of Tera Cruentas came into play. Hear music from the scare zones and houses now!

Campfire Chronicles 5.13 The Amityville Horror (2005)

June 17, 2020

You better buckle up because this episode is a doozy.  Jimmy picks The 2005 version of The Amityville Horror starring Ryan Reynolds. Will the remake have a place in the virtual scare park? Tune in to find out in this extra-long adventure. 

HHN Jukebox #3 HHN 14

June 12, 2020

A slightly different format for today's show as we introduce each track.  HHN 14 features music from HHN Nightmares, Hellgate Prison, Field of Screams, The Festival Of The Deadliest Parade and More! 

Campfire Chronicles 5.13 Braindead / Dead Alive

June 10, 2020

This week Charlie wraps up the second round of this season with Peter Jackson's Braindead or what we might know it as Dead Alive. Hear what the gang thinks of this one of kind movie and if it can fit into the virtual scream park.

THP #227 Harrison Smith

June 9, 2020

On today's show, we go back to Sinister Cyber Con to feature Death House Director Harrison Smith. Listen to Harrison share stories about the film's production, filmmaking, and the horror genre now!

HHN Jukebox #2 HHN13

June 5, 2020

For our second episode of  Jukebox we travel back to HHN13 which featured The Director as it's icons.  Tracks include Screamhouse Revisted, Ship of Screams, and more!

Campfire Chronicles 5.12 Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

June 3, 2020

This week the gang discusses Wes Craven's classic A Nightmare On Elm Street. They also talk the best kills, scenes, and Freddy lines throughout the franchise! Will this classic horror film make it into this year's virtual scare park? Listen to find out.

THP #226 J. Michael Roddy

June 1, 2020

J. Micheal Roddy has had a storied career in entertainment.  Hew was the show director for Halloween Horror Nighs 6-12 and 16-19. His team created all the HHN icons we know and love. He later went on to organize shows for Disney Cruise Line and Disney World. He shares stories from career on today's show!

HHN Jukebox #1 HHN 11 and 12

May 29, 2020

Today on the first episode of HHN Jukebox we take you back to HHN 11 featuring Eddie's theme, Scary  Tales and Run as well as HHN 12 featuring The Caretaker's Theme, Screamhouse and Project Evilution. Enjoy!

HH #8 Knotts Scary Farm 2007 Part 1

May 28, 2020

Knotts Scary farm 2007 brought forth both some iconic original mazes and mazes based on movies.  On today's show, we take you through all the mazes and recap why this is one of Jon's favorite events. 

Campfire Chronicles 5.11 Witching & Bitching

May 27, 2020

It's Andrew's pick this week and he chooses an award-winning Horror/ Comedy from Spain " Witching & Bitching" Will the film make it into the virtual scare park? Tune in to find out now!

THP #225 Barbara Magnolfi

May 25, 2020

Star Barbara Magnolfi's panel from Sinister Cyber Con is the highlight of today's show. Barbara shares stories of working on horror classic Suspiria as well as many other films.  Also a look at the upcoming Antebellum from Jordan Peele and a new show announcement!

Nerdageddeon #30 Happy 40th to The Empire Strikes Back

May 21, 2020

On this day 40 years ago Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back opened in theatres and to celebrate we have a watch along of the iconic film with filmmaker Kevin Smith. So sit back and relax and enjoy our favorite chapter in the saga!

Campfire Chronicles 5.10 The Frighteners

May 20, 2020

The weeks the gang discusses the cult classic The Frighteners starring Micheal J. Fox and whether or not it should be included in this year's virtual scream park as a house, scare zone or ride.

THP #224 Todd Nunes, Ashley Mary Nunes and Lito Velasco

May 18, 2020

Today we start rolling out our panels from Sinister Cyber Con and it starts with All Through The House Director Todd Nunes and Starts Ashely Mary Nunes and Lito Velasco! They talk all the work that went into making the Christmas slasher and what might be next for each of them.  Also, a look at the new Grudge series coming to Netflix and some HHN news.

Hauntcore History #7 HHN 07 Part 2

May 14, 2020

Jimmy, Jon and Ashlei go back to Halloween Horror Nights 2007 to look at the shows such as Slaughterworld and Bill and Ted's Halloween Adventure. 

Campfire Chronicles 5.9 Sream

May 13, 2020

Today as we look at John's second pick, we talk Wes Craven's film Scream.  We discuss how needed Scream was it boosted the horror genre completely when it arrived in the mid 90's, how much we still love it now and how it fits into our virtual scream park.

Campfire Chronicles 5.8 Inside The Mind of Tim Burton

May 7, 2020

In a special double episode this week the gang gets you excited for Sinister Cyber Con first and foremost and then they look at Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands, Mars Attacks and The Nightmare Before Christmas to involved in our virtual scare park.

Campfire Chronicles 5.7 Color Out Of Space

May 6, 2020

On today's show, Charlie chooses the H.P. Lovecraft story "Color Out Of Space" for consideration to be included in our virtual scare park.  Will it be a house, ride, show or scare zone as we count down to Halloween??

THP #223 Mis Sadistic and Lucifer’s Axe

May 5, 2020

Mis Sadistic and Lucifer's Axe are performers and actors that appear in Sean Haitz's films such as Big Top Evil and the upcoming new film Cannibal Comedian.  They talk movie making, acting, horror and more on today's show!

King of Halloween Horror Nights Announcement

May 1, 2020

Jimmy and Andrew announce a new tournament that will be involved with both Campfire Chronicles and Hauntcore History to help countdown until Halloween Season! 16 Icons/ Characters from Halloween Horror Nights enter the tournament to reveal the first King or Queen of HHN!

Campfire Chronicles 5.6 The Lost Boys

April 29, 2020

This week we look at Danielle's first-round pick as she has chosen cult classic "The Lost Boys" to possibly be a virtual haunted house, ride, or scare zone in our year five virtual scare park.  Where will the lost boys land??

(ReAir) Hauntcore History #5 Halloween Horror Nights 07 Part one

April 28, 2020

Jimmy Jon and Danielle go back to 2007 which was Jon's first year attending Halloween Horror Nights and they take you through the mazes based on Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th and the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They also look at Terror Tram which featured HHN Orlando icon Jack The Clown

(ReAir) Hauntcore History #4 Great America’s Halloween Haunt 08

April 23, 2020

On today's show, Jimmy and Jon look at Great America's first year of doing a Halloween Event. They talk scare zones, shows, and mazes such as Club Blood and Corn Stalkers.

Campfire Chronicles 5.5 Marianne

April 22, 2020

On today's show, it's Cain's pick and he has chosen Netflix's Marianne series to be nominated for a virtual haunted house, scare zone or ride in this year's park.  Find out what the group thought of season one of the French horror series on today's show.

(Re Air) Hauntcore History #3 Knotts Scary Farm 97-2006

April 21, 2020

Today on Hauntcore History, we conclude the coverage of Knotts Scary Farm up until we started to attend the event ourselves. Hear about some of the most iconic mazes including one of first IPs Knotts did in its event!

THP #222 Tom Atkins

April 20, 2020

Tom Atkins is the star of classic horror films such as The Fog, Halloween III and Night Of The Creeps. On today's show, we go back to 2017 for a panel at Sinister Creature Con, that we had lost the audio of and now it's been found! Enjoy Tom taking about his storied career today!

(ReAir) Hauntcore History #2 Knotts Scary Farm 73-96

April 17, 2020

On today's show, we look at the origin of Knott's Scary Farm and take you through the first couple of decades of operation. What was the first actual haunted house? A look at the world-famous Ghost Town scare zone and so much more!

(ReAir) Hauntcore History #1 HHN Hollywood 1992-2000

April 16, 2020

On this new show, Horrific Network partners with Higbee production to bring you the history of California's most prominent Halloween attractions. On our first show, we discuss the origins of Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood and some of its marquee houses up until the year 2000!

Campfire Chronicles 5.4 Candyman

April 15, 2020

The classic Clive Barker story starring Tony Todd "Candyman" is the film that is nominated to become a scare zone, virtual haunted house or ride in our Campfire Chronicles virtual scare park!

THP #221 Andrew Mecham and Matthew Whedon

April 14, 2020

 Andrew Mecham and Mathew Whedon are the writers/directors of the upcoming horror movie Behind You. 

"Two young sisters find that all the mirrors in their estranged aunt's house are covered or hidden. When one of them happens upon a mirror in the basement, she unknowingly releases a malicious demon."

Hear all about their time making this great film and you can check out Behind You starting April 17th.

Campfire Chronicles 5.3 “Aliens”

April 8, 2020

Jon picks his first choice to be nominated into this year's virtual scare park and he picks the classic Aliens. Will the Space Marines be featured on top of the already included Wayland ride? Tune in to find out!

WrestleMania with The Horrific Network Day 2

April 7, 2020

On this show, we cover WrestleMania day two with matches including The FireFly Funhouse, Two Woman's Title Matches and Brock vs Drew. Listen To Jimmy and Cain commentate and make it feel like your there live!

THP #219 WrestleMania With The Horrific Network Day One

April 6, 2020

The Coverage of WrestleMania kicks off with day one as Jimmy and Cain bring you all the action/ audio from their live event! Match highlights include The Boneyard Match, Becky Lynch defends her Woman's Championship and Goldberg Vs Braun for the Universal Title.

THP #218 WrestleMania Countdown Show

April 3, 2020

Listen as Jimmy and Andrew count down to their live commentary broadcast Saturday, April 4th and Sunday, April 5th of WrestleMania 36.  They break down the entire card with news of some match changes!

Campfire Chronicles 5.2 “The Woman In Black”

April 1, 2020

The crew starts to nominate movies to be included in this year's Virtual Scare Park.  First up is The Woman In Black.  Come along as they breakdown the film and discuss if it should be a ride, show, scare zone or haunt on today's show.

Nerdageddeon #29 Tim Donaldson (Quarancon 1)

March 31, 2020

Tim Donaldson is one of the original Jawas from Star Wars: A New Hope. Hear him tell stories from the set at Quarancon, a virtual Convention that was established by SacGeeks to help us get through these tough times.

THP #217 Movies That Made Me A Horror Fan Double Feature “Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness”

March 30, 2020

In the final Movies that made me for a little while, we have Sam Rami and company talking his work on both Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness!

Screening Room 2.3 “Captain America”

March 26, 2020

Under quarantine, Andrew and Jimmy begin their live streams of the MCU and read your chats along the way.  They start with Captain America on today's show!

Campfire Chronicles 5.1 “We Build Our Own Park”

March 24, 2020

On the season premiere of Campfire Chronicles, the gang is back and decides to build their virtual scare park from the ground up. Jon presents several themes for the different lands and zones as season 5 takes shape!

THP #216 Movies That Made Me a Horror Fan “Jason X”

March 23, 2020

Jimmy continues the "Movies That Made Me A Horror Fan" series with commentary from Cast and Crew of Jason X!

THP #215 Movies That Made Me A Horror Fan “Halloween”

March 17, 2020

On today's show, we feature commentary of John Carpenter's Halloween with Carpenter and the cast of the iconic film.  Also thoughts on some more horror films as of late.

THP #214 Countdown To “The Hunt”

March 12, 2020

Today we highlight upcoming horror/ thriller "The Hunt" arriving in theatres this weekend. We have cast and crew interviews along with exclusive clip audio! Check it out and see The Hunt this weekend!

THP #213 Movies That Made Me A Horror Fan “The Exorcist”

March 9, 2020

The iconic horror movie 1974's The Exorcist kicks off the series of shows that feature the director's commentary. Listen to William Friedkin talk about his film that still tops several "Scariest Movies Of All Time" lists.

THP #212 Getting Caught Up At The Movies

March 4, 2020

On this show, Jimmy gives you road reports and his thoughts on The Turning, The Invisible Man and Gretel and Hansel. Also news on the upcoming content that will be up on our channel soon.

Nerdageddeon #28 New CEOs, Rides, Books and Parades

February 28, 2020

Today we talk about Bob Iger stepping down as Disney's CEO, our first ride on Rise Of The Resistance at Disneyland, Disneyland's new Magic Happens Parade and forthcoming Star Wars: The High Republic!

THP #211 Countdown To The Invisible Man

February 26, 2020

On today's show, we hear from the cast of an upcoming rehash of The Invisible Man from Blumhouse. Exclusive interview clips from the cast tell us what the expect as far as how this project will change from the original, also clips from the film itself!

Nerdageddeon #27 Countdown To Clone Wars

February 20, 2020

On the eve of the return of The Clone Wars, we go back to the panel from Star Wars Celebration earlier this year as the cast and crew talk season 7 coming to Disney+. Clone Wars premieres tomorrow Feb 21st!