Ben Eads is a horror author whose new novella "Hallow Heart" comes to us from Crystal Lake Publishing at the end of this month. Ben talks about his project, horror novels, writing in general and more on today's show!

More Episodes

THP #201 Felissa Rose

November 11, 2019

We go back to Sinister Creature Con to bring you an interview with the star of cult classic Sleep A Way Camp Felissa Rose. Felissa is a name that horror fans hold near and dear to their hearts  and tells all kinds of stories about her career on today's show!

Haunt Season Finale: Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood

November 7, 2019

Season 4 of Haunt Season comes to a close with Jimmy going to HHN Hollywood. He takes you along through all of the mazes, scares zones and some rides Universal has to offer. Highlights include Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Creepshow, Ghost Busters and more!

Haunt Season 4.15 Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

November 6, 2019

It's the Higbee team's final haunt of the season before Horrific attends the last night of HHN, and they got to the historic Queen Mary for Dark Harbor.  They take you through all mazes and more on this episode!

Haunt Season 4.14 Knotts Scary Farm

November 5, 2019

We've come to the final three haunts of the year! On today's show, the Higbee team takes along with them as they attend Knotts Scary Farm!  The gang takes you through all the mazes scare zones and some rides!

Haunt Season 4.13 Fear Overload Scream Park

October 30, 2019

The Haunt Tour Takes us to the bay as we go to final Northern California haunt of the tour before heading to LA with Fear Overload Scream Park. Listen to our take on the two new mazes "Night Terrors" and "The Tooth Collector" on today's show!

Haunt Season 4.12 Higbee Horror Haunt Part 2

October 29, 2019

We return to Higbee Horror Haunt's 10th year not to be scared but to scare! Come along with Jimmy and Cain as they become scare actors for the night on today's episode!

Haunt Season 4.11 Pirates of Emerson

October 24, 2019

The next stop on the haunt tour takes us to Alemeda for Bay Area haunt park Pirates of Emerson! The event has a bunch of new houses and experiences that we take you through on this episode!

Haunt Season 4.10 Hocus Pocus Watch-A-Long

October 23, 2019

Today's Haunt Season show isn't featuring an actual haunted location, but a Halloween classic instead. Listen to or even watch Hocus Pocus along with the Horrific Network group as they enjoy the classic film.

Haunt Season 4.9 Great America’s Halloween Haunt

October 22, 2019

The Higbee Team is back and this time they are at Great America's Halloween Haunt. They take you through all the scare zones and mazes such as The Tooth Fairy, Chaos House, Wax Museum and more on this episode. 

Haunt Season 4.8 Higbee Horror Haunt (Part One)

October 17, 2019

We are back in our home town on this leg of the haunt tour for another haunt near and dear to our horrific hearts: Higbee Horror Haunt. One part one of our coverage here we experiance the all-new event that has been put together as Higbee celebrates their tenth year of operation!

Haunt Season 4.7 Ultimate Terror Scream Park

October 16, 2019

Ultimate Terror Scream Park has been a haunt that we have visited every year of our Haunt Tour and we wouldn't miss it this year!  We travel to Sacramento to visit this year's haunt that promises it's biggest event of the location's history. 

Haunt Season 4.6 Dell’Osso Family Farm

October 15, 2019

The Haunt Tour takes us to Lathrop as we go to Dell'Osso Family Farm.  Highlights include The Haunted Castle, Mystery Haunt Ride, and getting lost in one of California's largest corn mazes.  Also, Cain has his first apple cider treats of the year.

THP #200 Kane Hodder

October 14, 2019

In order to celebrate our 200th episode, we have Kane Hodder and his Sinister Creature Con Panel. Kane has played Jason Vorhees more than any other actor (Friday the 13th 7-10) Victor Crawley in the Hatchet franchise and has performed stunts in dozens of films.  Hear his story on this show!

Haunt Season 4.5 Beyond The Gates

October 10, 2019

On this episode, we travel to Merced for Beyond The Gates (Formally Snelling Ranch of Horrors) and take you through their two paintball courses and three haunted houses!  Come step beyond the gates with us!

Haunt Season 4.4 Oogie Boogie Bash

October 9, 2019

On today's show, we showcase the highlights from the Oogie Boogie Bash at Disney's California Adventure. Villain encounters, a Halloween Parade, new World of Color and Villain's Grove Trail are all w

Haunt Season 4.3 Halloween Time at Disneyland

October 7, 2019

On this episode, Jimmy talks about all the Halloween offerings happing at Disneyland that are not at Oogie Boogie Bash. Highlights include a Coco Musical Spectacular and Halloween Screams Fireworks.

Haunt Season 4.2 LA Haunted Hayride

October 4, 2019

The Higbee Productions group travels to the famous Los Angeles Haunted Hayride for their first haunt event of the year! Jon takes you through all the attractions on this episode.

Nerdageddeon #20 Stone Cold Steve Austin

October 3, 2019

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a WWE Hall of Famer that main evented several WrestleManias, Summer Slams and so much more. He truly is an icon of professional wrestling. Hear his panel from Silicon Valley Comic Con on today's show!

Haunt Season 4.1 A Swinging Wake: 50 Year Celebration of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion

October 2, 2019

In the season premiere of Haunt  Season, we go to Fullerton for A Swinging Wake. A celebration of 50 Years of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. Highlights include hearing form several Disney Imagoniers that helped create the iconic attraction!

THP #199 John Kassir

October 1, 2019

John Kassir is a world-famous voice-over performer and actor, with his most notable role being The Crypt Keeper from HBO's "Tales From The Crypt" John talks about how his career got started and all the fun he's had over the course of his career on today's show!

The Screening Room #15 Friday The 13th

September 18, 2019

We are back at The State Theatre for a live show and screening of the original Friday The 13th! Rick and Jimmy talk their favorite Jason movies amongst other horror films moving into the haunting season!

THP #198 Pancho Moler

September 17, 2019

On the show today is actor Pancho Moler.  Pancho broke into the horror scene in Rob Zombie's 31 playing Sickhead. He is the star of upcoming horror film Candy Corn playing Dr. Death and is in Devil's Rejects sequel 3 From Hell.

Nerdageddeon #19 D23 Parks and Resorts Panel

September 12, 2019

Our D23 Coverage concludes with audio of the Parks and Resorts panel.  Highlights include Avengers Campus coming to Disneyland, a whole new look for Epcot, Star Wars Hotel, Disney World's 50th and more!

THP #197 Linnea Quigley

September 10, 2019

Linnea Quigley is one of the first true "Scream Queens". She has starred in Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons and so many more classic horror films. Listen to her panel from Sinister Creature Con on today's show.

Campfire Chronicles Season 4 Finale: It Ch 2

September 6, 2019

The gang broadcasts live for the last time from Cool Hand Lukes as they gear up before It Ch 2.  Chaos ensues as the group ends the 4th season of CC and prepares to get ready for haunt season in just a few weeks!

Nerdageddeon #18 Interviews and Trailers from D23

September 5, 2019

Today we take a closer look of some projects coming to Disney Plus, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar and Disney Animation that were announced at D23 along with some cast interviews from the convention as well!

The Screening Room #14 Ready or Not

September 4, 2019

We are back at the State Theatre for a live podcast as we gather to watch 2019 horror film Ready or Not! Hear the craziness before and what we thought after here!

THP #196 Lord Blood Rah and Mr. Lobo

September 3, 2019

On today's show, we have a panel from Sinister Creature Con June with Lord Blood Rah and Mr. Lobo. These two are some of the hardest working indie horror hosts in the business and they discuss what it takes to break into being a horror host in today's market!

Nerdageddeon #17 D23 Disney Plus / Disney Studios Panel Highlights

August 29, 2019

We start our podcast coverage of this year's D23 with highlights from the Disney Plus Panel and Disney Studios Panel. Featured are the latest projects from Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar, Disney Studios and more!

Campfire Chronicles 4.19 Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

August 28, 2019

As Campfire winds down, we watch cult classic Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon for Andrew's return to the roundtable! We also welcome Jason from Fastpass With Us To The Show!

Hauntcore History #5 HHN 07 Part One

August 23, 2019

Jimmy Jon and Danielle go back to 2007 which was Jon's first year attending Halloween Horror Nights and they take you through the mazes based on Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th and the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They also look at Terror Tram which featured HHN Orlando icon Jack The Clown

Campfire Chronicles 4.18 The Puppet Master

August 21, 2019

The gang returns as they watch 1989's The Puppet Master and discuss if it should it be included in this year's virtual scare park, their favorite puppet and what they might sound like if they had a voice!

Campfire Chronicles 4.17 Eight Legged Freaks and Marvel Zombies

August 14, 2019

Jimmy, Justin and Shalita break down the cult classic Eight Legged Freaks as well as the Marvel Zombie franchise and discuss if they would be good additions to this year's virtual scare park on this week's show.

The Screening Room #13 Child’s Play

August 12, 2019

On this episode Jimmy, Rick and Nichole are live from The State Theatre as they get ready for a showing of the original Child's Play.  Listen in to hear some of their favorite Chucky moments.

THP #195 Sean Haitz and Austin Judd

August 12, 2019

Sean Haitz has spent the better part of seven years putting together his new horror film "Big Top Evil" that is being released later this month. Austin Judd is the film's leading actress playing the role of "Candy". Hear all about the production here!

Campfire 4.16 Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

August 9, 2019

It's a live podcast in a new location as the group previews where their live meetups will be at Regal Theatres for Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. Jimmy reads some of the best scary stories to the group, haunt season is previewed and more! Find out if Scary Stories makes it into this year's scare park!

Nerdageddeon #17 Haunted Mansion 50th Birthday

August 8, 2019

On today's show we welcome in the celebration of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion's 50th Birthday with some fun facts and an original recording of The Haunted Mansion LP that was released back in 1969!

Campfire Chronicles 4.15 The Legend of Hell House

August 7, 2019

This week on Campfire we look at the classic "The Legend Hell House" and classic horror themes that it brought to the genre. We later discuss if it would make a solid addition to the genre.

Hauntcore History #4 Great America’s Halloween Haunt 08

August 6, 2019

On today's show, Jimmy and Jon look at Great America's first year of doing a Halloween Event. They talk scare zones, shows and mazes such as Club Blood and Corn Stalkers.

THP #194 Sherilyn Fenn

August 5, 2019

Sherilyn Fenn has had success in her career in both television and film.  He has starred in hit shows Twin Peaks, CSI, Swat, and Gilmore Girls.  He has also appeared in films Of Mice In Men, Boxing Helena and The First of Warrior. Listen to her panel from Sinister Creature Con on today's show!

Campfire Chronicles 4.14 DeathHouse

August 2, 2019

Charlie, Jon and Jimmy recap the virtual scare park's rides that been filled and then talk about 2017 movie Deathhouse which has been regarded as "The Expendables of Horror" and decide if it should be a scare zone or haunted house in this year's event.

Hauntcore History #3 Knotts Scary Farm 97-2006

July 31, 2019

Today on Hauntcore History, we conclude the coverage of Knotts Scary Farm up until we started to attend the event ourselves. Hear about some of the most iconic mazes including one of first IPs Knotts did in its event! 

Campfire 4.13 The Cursed Kingdom of Exitia (Presented By Escape Room Adventures)

July 26, 2019

On this episode we travel to EXIT Escape Room Adventures in Modesto Ca to participate in their "Cursed Kingdom of Exitia" room.  Can the gang make it out alive?  Will an escape room be the final ride/attraction in our virtual scare park? Tune in now to find out!

You can book your own EXIT Escape Adventure right here:

The Screening Room #12 Jaws

July 25, 2019

Jimmy and Rick are at the PACKED State Theatre in  Modesto for a showing of Jaws on this episode. Hear as they celebrate one of the greatest films of all time still to this day!

Campfire 4.12 Dawn of the Dead (1978)

July 24, 2019

Campfire returns after a couple of weeks off and the gang is back to talk Dawn of the Dead directed by George A. Romero and starring Ken Foree.  Will the film be included in this year's virtual scare park as a haunted house, scare zone or ride? Tune in to find out!

THP #193 Joe Castro and Steven J. Escobar

July 22, 2019

On today's show, we are joined by legendary creature designer and director Joe Castro Emmy Award-winning Editor Steven J. Escobar as they talk all about their upcoming film "Xenophobia"

Six complete strangers recall the details of their individual experiences with alien forces-sharing the terrifying stories of their abductions and possessions.

Hear all about what went into making this highly anticipated film right here!

The Board Session 1: Summer Hits and Misses

July 18, 2019

A new monthly round table show with Jimmy, Shalita and Justin as they talk about certain films or shows that they've seen and which they are looking forward to checking out. On this show the gang talks about Spider-Man Far From Home, Justin thinks Mulan will be the best live-action Disney film and Shalita can't wait for Hobbs and Shaw.

The Screening Room #11 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

July 17, 2019

Live from the beautiful State Theatre, we are live for a showing of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hear Jimmy and Rick talk about the film and do a new version of trivia for the live crowd.

Nerdageddeon #16 The Lion King

July 16, 2019

On Today's show, we go to The Lion King's LA press conference and the world premiere.  Hear from the cast and crew in order to get excited for Lion King's release this Thursday.